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Pricing Is Challenging

It can be difficult to arrive at a specific price for a specific service since virtually every project is different.  Because of this, I don’t offer fixed price packages. Placing design projects into a fixed price category significantly reduces the idea that design, in general, is a process that results in a tailor made product that’s uniquely yours and serves your particular business niche or organization’s philosophy. It also suggests that each logo or web site or service fits within a specified category that results in a predetermined amount of time and resources involved in its development, which is incorrect. If an average cost is to be attached to a design function, product or service, some may pay less and, of course, some may pay more for an item that should be exclusively yours and have its cost reflect that.

Price Ranges

However, with that being said, I can suggest a range within which a particular product or service may cost, and will do so with the following:

Logo Development, Startup: $250 – $1000 This range contains most situations where a logo is needed for a small company, a start up or a Web based business.

Logo Development, Corporate: $1000+ Most cases that involve a larger company with physical locations in which the application of the brandmark includes a variety of scenarios and uses. This situation often requires more time and resources including increased communication among members/departments. There may be a greater need for extensive documentation such as a style guide, for example. That time will have a direct impact on pricing.

Printed Collateral: $100 – $500+ Brochures/fliers/stationary can vary widely in the approach that’s required and related design time. Most fall within this range.

Digital Design: Blog design can start as low as $500 Web design/blog development/maintenance/SMO/SEO are widely divergent and unique regarding the approach that’s required for your business

Digital Marketing: Ongoing marketing consultation starts at $250/month I’d be happy to discuss your traditional and/or online marketing needs, how I could help to meet those needs, and the costs involved to do so.

Estimating/Approval Process

Since every project is different, I begin by learning, and perhaps more importantly, helping to narrow down what your needs are prior to establishing an estimate. We’ll do this by discussing the details of your specific situation and what you desire. I’ll assess those needs and provide an accurate and targeted estimate by determining costs based on the average number of hours required multiplied by my hourly rate.

I’d then send this to you for approval. Upon approval, an initial 50% deposit is collected. The project will then get underway and the required service or product is produced. Upon completion the final invoice for the remaining 50% is submitted, or the total remaining balance if any additional changes have been made during the course of the project.

I’ll always do my best to create a visually pleasing product, regardless of the budget; the difference is in the details and overall suitability. Most often the best idea has evolved over time. But there are those occasional ah-ha moments when first ideas are the final ideas, but what takes time is evolving the visual details to a point where the particular item or service works effectively.

In general though, and as you may expect, the more money you invest, the more time that can be applied to the design process; a process that’s based around sketching, idea formulation and research; all of which take time. And there is a definitive correlation between the price you invest and what you get in return. Nonetheless, I’ve found that I always put far more time into every project than what I’m being paid for; that’s the way I work.

What You Can Expect

Full ownership of the completed artwork, along with all original files, is also included.

Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) is the main file type provided. Such files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality and, with the right software, you can create any other file types necessary (jpg, png, gif, etc.). I’m happy to help with specific file requests, and answer any questions you may have.

If necessary, Style Guides are supplied as a PDF file, and can be from a single page in length to upwards of 10 pages. They contain usage instructions, such as color codes, minimum reproduction size, correct page positioning and isolation areas.

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