Crafting Your Message

So let’s begin with the most immediate and ongoing way for your company to stand out in a sea of competition: the crafting of your effective and targeted message. At the foundation of your message is your logo. Now, a logo is many things, but for this purpose it should embody some combination of the following: tell a story; provide value; can be used in multiple applications; may be clever; attracts; elicits emotion; is memorable; relevant; simple; scalable; and we’re not even introducing color yet!

What’s The Process?

The Creative Brief

I thoroughly enjoy working with all types of businesses, organizations, consultants and individuals, with the endgame being the effective portrayal of your core message to your target market. With this objective in mind, we’ll realize the greatest degree of effectiveness, efficiency and success by first employing a detailed creative brief, for logo design and/or website design. By working through the questions in the brief your business’ truly unique fingerprint is established. Also at this time a price point is established. What’s the vision? What degree of work will be necessary for a particular logo design as well as any additional products or services such as digital marketing that will accomplish the desired goal? This will be broken down and established via the creative brief.


To reach this objective, healthy portions of research and planning should be a part of the process. We’ll look at the industry, history, competitors, what makes a design successful, and what already exists. Only in this way will your logo clearly identify your unique organization.

Idea Generation

Pencil then meets paper. Almost all of my designs begin with a pencil and a sketchbook. Surprising as it may be, I’ve found that the tactile nature of sketching assists in the ability to work at a deeper level, expanding the creative realm, increasing an ability to explore and generate more interesting and varied ideas and concepts.

Another cool thing about sketching, and idea generation, is that it can be done virtually anywhere; awakened at 3:00 am by a thought that provides a new idea on a project; while waiting in my truck at a red light; or at the top of a mountain I just climbed on my bike. I find that inspiration frequently hits when I’m “de-screened” out considering and being stimulated by life … away from my computer.


But when at my computer, you’ll find me in my home-based studio, dressing those sketches in pixels. Often times a number of possibilities arise, but one or two almost always stand out from the rest. That can be due to a stronger concept, more relevancy, more usefulness, or it just strikes a chord. That one or two would be that which I most often work through. Revisions, as needed, would be explored at this point, as well as experimentation of how the design might appear in use. This is a good time to consider it, sleep on it, and gain feedback.


Upon completion of the logo portion of the project, due to my varied experience over the last dozen years, I can then make recommendations as to what other marketing tools–from social media to printed products to sign production–is beneficial to consider for your particular business. I’m well connected locally with quality vendors and can work out any logistics for your particular needs.

And as we determine the application of your identity, keep this in mind: branding through uniformity of your message across multiple vehicles and platforms is a, if not the, priority.


Lastly, upon completion of your message, most will include an article summarizing the design process, including sketches and ideas that laid the foundation for your logo. This can be an attractive and interesting aspect that adds to the appreciation of your unique design. Additionally, logo guidelines will also accompany your files.

So where Does It End?

It doesn’t really. This can be a fairly organic process. Your company changes, with ebbs and flows, yet hopefully, it grows. How you present your business to your target market will largely be determined by those changes. Friendly Fish Media can help. Whether your business is big or getting that way, I’ll stay in the game with you. I’ll continue to support you and be a part of your team! I’m passionate about doing an outstanding job for you every time. I can promise you I’ll work tirelessly to design and help you implement a successful identity.

I hope I’ve made it clear that it’s my priority to understand your business so that I can help it stand out from the rest. Knowing how to do that is what makes Friendly Fish Media stand out from the rest! Let me know how I can be an integral part of what it is you do.

Feel free to get an overview about my pricing. And, well, here’s a little more about me.

Please contact me if you desire more information or have any questions.


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