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Recently there was a question on Twitter that prompted people to list #jobsyouvehad. I thought to myself that, for me, that description, as you can see here, would take up considerably more than 140 characters!

In an industry that’s increasingly made up of teens and twenty-somethings, I tend to see myself as a bit of an anomaly. I’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve worked in numerous places, doing a variety of things, gaining a variety of experiences:

– Security at a sports/concert venue
– Toured the states in a rock band
– Audio/Visual Technician
– Bartender and Karaoke VJ
– Psychiatric hospital assistant/counselor (yeah, that was quite a leap)
– College level instructor
– Instructor/employment procurement for developmentally disabled
– Sign design & production (another leap)
– Graphic designer
– Social Media Guru (Guru? Really? Well, it has a ring to it! But what’s a guru or expert? It’s hard to pin down, especially in such quickly changing technology. Uses vary and evolve. I’m enjoying learning and applying concepts and strategies and am constantly amazed at how it’s changing the game in business. I’m thoroughly enjoying helping others build relationships through these channels that, in turn, helps to build their businesses), (and, yes, yet another leap).

It’s certainly been (and still is) … interesting!


The last dozen years or so have been devoted to the latter few items on the list above. Changes (or leaps) came about through adversity, trials that we all experience in this life; those times that seem to be the lowest. Yet it’s in those times that one’s refined, challenged, and passions and direction are clarified. These are the seasons that produce expressions like, “That’s the best thing that ever happened to me!” So true. It’s through these times that I eventually recognized the thread, the activities, the constant interest, that seemed to run through or along side these twists and turns of my life: design.

Although it wasn’t the ultimate objective in college at either under or grad levels, my electives were always filled with art and design related class work such as drawing and composition, oils, watercolor, two & three-dimensional design, web design. Through this process I’ve developed an attraction to a style that is clean, clever, and minimalistic.

For quite some time, I denied that employment could be a viable option in creative-focused areas for most of my life. But I think as we mature (it takes some of us longer than others!) certain others-driven objectives, those that we sometimes take on early in life and try to live up to, tend to decrease in importance.  And it’s pretty cool when a desired second act rises to the surface.

And that’s a passion to which the word “work” is seldom attached.

Through these experiences I ‘m able to bring a unique, well-rounded perspective to the table. I’ve found this to be the case as I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very interesting, intelligent, and inspiring folks over the years; both colleagues and customers, whom I greatly appreciate and admire.

I Have a Life Too

When not “working” I also am, do and/or enjoy the following:

– Single dad to my wonderful kids: son, Ian (16) and daughter, Chloe (8). Yup, I bet you already guessed, that’s them up there!
– Blogging about life at Innovative Savings.
– Playing worship music at my church on one of these (that guy’s amazing) or on my guitar or bass
– Trail riding on my bike or quad
– Drawing/painting
– Eating sushi


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